Gujarat Sidhee Cement Ltd manufactures and distributes its own main product lines of cement. We aim to optimize production across all markets, providing a complete solution for customer's needs at the lowest possible cost, an approach we call strategic integration of activities.

Cement is made from a mixture of 80 percent limestone and 20 percent clay. These are crushed and ground to provide the "raw meal”, a pale, flour-like powder. Heated to around 1450° C (2642° F) in rotating kilns, the “meal” undergoes complex chemical changes and is transformed into clinker. Fine-grinding the clinker together with a small quantity of gypsum produces cement. Adding other constituents at this stage produces cements for specialized uses. 

Sidhee Cement Company produces OPC 43 Grade, OPC 53 Grade and Portland Pozzolona Cement (PPC) . 


Our Range of Sidhee Cement